Energy Usage Fingerprint


Gecko is a slightly different beast - its a component that we utilise in our other applications (Elk, Moose, Badger). Gecko is the culmination of years of exploring different ways to communicate an extremely complex thing - energy usage over a year.

Traditional time-series (one long wavy line) don't translate the cyclic, seasonal nature of load well - so we layered each day on top of each other in one view.

While most days of energy usage may be quite similar, the extreme high's matter quite a lot (particularly for wholesale purchasing in Moose or Badger) - so our radial view highlights the extreme days distinctively.

But the unique radial view of load over time is our favourite part of this interactive visualisation - the shapes and blobs that are drawn are far more memorable and 'sticky' in our human brains that are constantly looking for patterns. A load 'fingerprint' should be clear, insightful, and memorable - that is Gecko.

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